Future proofing Singapore for smarter development


Future proofing Singapore for smarter development

The land use planning authority behind one of the world’s fastest growing nations is leveraging smart city technology to ensure ongoing developments can meet the needs of citizens now and in the future.

The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) utilises GIS technology to enable a greater understanding of future developments – which is key to ensuring Singapore remains one of Asia’s most dynamic urban centres.

Specifically, the Urban Redevelopment Authority is using advanced urban planning tool Esri CityEngine to transform 2D town planning data into interactive 3D city models.

Designed to better suit Singapore’s urban context, the URA’s customised CityEngine solution – tailored specifically by Esri – incorporates various localised planning and design rules.

This enables Singapore’s urban planners to efficiently carry out large-scale 3D simulations and visualise the impact potential developments will have on the surrounding environment.

For example, planners can conduct shadow studies on proposed developments to determine how public spaces can be shaded for better comfort. They can also predict where heat will be distributed from proposed structures – minimising the potential of making costly mistakes.

As a progressive organisation, URA is constantly seeking to leverage new ideas, innovative technologies and smart solutions. The aim – to make better planning decisions and overcome challenges in designing a more liveable and inclusive city.

Esri and the URA are committed to continue developing CityEngine’s localised rules and building templates, to further improve the 3D model base and associated GIS layers.

Over time, this will create a rich 3D city information model with the potential to be used for multiple purposes beyond urban planning.

Future proofing Singapore for smarter development