Designing Iskandar: How to build a world-class metropolis


Designing Iskandar: How to build a world-class metropolis

The Malaysian state of Johor is embarking on a bold initiative to transform the Iskandar region into a dynamic, world-class metropolis by 2025.

Strategically nestled in the heart of South East Asia and within minutes from Singapore, Iskandar is an inviting place to live, work and play.

To highlight this, the Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA) has leveraged smart-mapping technology – a Geographic Information System (GIS) – to improve situational awareness and realise its plans for the future.

The technology plays an integral role in facilitating the design, promotion and development of Iskandar Malaysia – acting as a crucial decision-making platform that helps IRDA make informed choices and better assess the wide-reaching impact of their initiatives.

It is also an effective communication tool that enables the promotion of plans and activities to all stakeholders involved.

Using GIS technology, IRDA has developed the GeoIskandar application – an internal website which enables the authority’s staff to easily view and obtain necessary information and data on Iskandar.

The site allows staff to make up-to-the-minute strategic decisions, ensuring Iskandar’s new developments do not disturb or erode the attractiveness of the region's environment or upset its social communities.

GIS technology has also helped IRDA address one of its biggest challenges – capturing, storing and analysing large volumes of Big Data, and translating this into meaningful information about activities in and about Iskandar. 

With an international airport and three seaports – each handling different types of cargo – collecting, managing and analysing data from all facilities is exceptionally complex

However, the vast data gathering and exploration capabilities of GIS technology have streamlined these processes for IRDA.

Designing Iskandar: How to build a world-class metropolis