Smart map streamlines issuance of mining permits


Smart map streamlines issuance of mining permits

Indonesia’s abundant mineral reserves have prompted the government to support various exploration activities in a bid to stimulate the national economy.

As mining activities were growing at breakneck speed, local authorities were faced with mounting challenges on environmental degradation and illegal mining operations brought about by inefficiencies in the governance processes – particularly on the issuance of mining permits.

In fact, based on the results of the recent mining license inventory conducted by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR), half of the 10,000 issued permits  were considered ‘problematic’ and found to have overlapping mining area boundaries.

In order to establish a clear governance process, MEMR worked with Esri Indonesia and their partner PT Vivastor Techno Logica, to develop a location-based platform called Minerba One Map Indonesia (MOMI).

The platform was designed to help guarantee the issuance of 'trouble-free' mining permits and make it easier for all stakeholders to access relevant authoritative mining data on a smart map in real-time and on any device.

MOMI integrates and analyses data from multiple business systems to create a dynamic and interactive map-based view of information on mining area boundaries, the name of the mining companies and their amount of production, post-mining reclamation, the condition of the mining areas, and many others.

In particular, it provides greater efficiency across areas including:

  • Registration and validation

MOMI facilitates the seamless registration and validation of mining permits. Once data has been entered, the system automatically performs overlap checks in order to prevent irregularities in the mining permits.

Should there be any permits issued with boundaries outside of the administrative areas, the permits will be automatically rejected by the system.

  • Analysis

The platform also provides simplicity in conducting user analysis of mining area permits. Users can simply select the areas that need to be analysed, then the system automatically displays the mining areas on a map giving them a more powerful way to analyse and address certain challenges.

  • Engagement

MOMI also facilitates greater engagement and collaboration as it enables a significant number of non-traditional users, who are not GIS technology experts, to leverage its capability in order to make better – and more strategic – decisions.

Furthermore, because of the platform’s user-friendly interface, users only need to type the coordinates or upload an excel file which contains the coordinates for potential mining area boundaries, in order for the system to create the polygon on the map.

Apart from improving the internal governance process, MOMI also gives stakeholders from the Ministry of Finance and the Corruption Eradication Commission a clearer picture as to how developments in the mining sector are progressing.

This enables them to better monitor corporate activities and prevent illegal mining operations in Indonesia. 

Smart map streamlines issuance of mining permits Smart map streamlines issuance of mining permits