Students embrace innovation during Singapore Spatial Challenge


Students embrace innovation during Singapore Spatial Challenge

The Singapore Land Authority (SLA) Spatial Challenge is an annual schools competition encouraging the innovative use of Geographic Information System (GIS) technology.

Supported by the Ministry of Education and Esri, the Spatial Challenge gives students hands-on experience with GIS technology – enabling them to create dynamic smart maps which house information to support decision-making.

The SLA can see geospatial information, science and technology becoming more prevalent and pervasive in the future, and use the Spatial Challenge as an opportunity to familiarise students with the technology shaping the world around them.

Since launching the Spatial Challenge in 2008, SLA has helped ensure thousands of students incorporate geographic thinking into their daily lives – and it’s seen Singapore students develop smart solutions that address real-world challenges.

For example, as part of the Spatial Challenge, one group of students developed a project called EasyMove@SG – which allows mobility-impaired people to locate disabled facilities and get to destinations with greater ease.

The Solarium Garden City is another project born from the initiative, which uses GIS technology to propose how Singapore could benefit from the broader use of solar power.

Also developed by participating students is OneStopSG – a mobile app which promotes local attractions and enables users to better plan their trips and activities around Singapore.

These and other forward-thinking ideas realised through the challenge clearly demonstrate Singapore youths’ willingness to embrace GIS. It also highlights students’ ability in using the technology to design practical solutions which improve social outcomes.

Students embrace innovation during Singapore Spatial Challenge