APP Sinar Mas Forestry tackles forest fires with GIS technology


APP Sinar Mas Forestry tackles forest fires with GIS technology

APP Sinar Mas Forestry, the exclusive supplier of raw materials for Asia Pulp & Paper, has turned to Geographic Information System (GIS) technology as part of the company’s ongoing commitment to strengthen the forest fire prevention programs of their plantations in Sumatra and Kalimantan. 

Their GIS-based system integrates real-time data from the Esri Living Atlas and Fire Information for Resource Management System (FIRMS) to identify forest fire hotspot areas in the last 24 hours and overlay them on to APP Sinar Mas’ map of concession areas, enabling first responders to quickly verify the location of forest fires in relation to their properties, and evaluate what needs to be done to address or prevent these fires.

In addition, the system also equips APP Sinar Mas’ firefighting team with actionable information that can help them pre-empt potential peatland fire.

APP Sinar Mas’s experts have shared that peatland is very delicate and prone to burning if the ground temperature is above 39 degrees Celsius. In order to maintain an appropriate level of soil moisture, it should not fall below 40 cm in depth – any lower can potentially start a forest fire.

By using soil moisture data from the weather station, the GIS-based system visualises this data on a dynamic mapping platform allowing APP Sinar Mas to quickly identify areas which might potentially cause peatland fire allowing decision-makers to quickly take action.

Prior to its roll-out, relevant forest fire and land surface data had to be obtained from multiple sources, which resulted in greater delays and longer lead times. Now, the system integrates data from an estimated 125 districts, the Meteorology Climatology and Geophysics Council, National Disaster Management Agency, and relevant local government authorities providing stakeholders with an easier and effective way to collaborate and make well-informed decisions.

The new GIS system also supports Sinar Mas’ new data centre, which hosts geospatial information on disaster and area management – a first in Indonesia’s private sector. 

Moving forward, given the company’s wide array of spatial assets, Sinar Mas is looking to further maximise the use of GIS technology to achieve impactful outcomes for the community and their business. 

APP Sinar Mas Forestry tackles forest fires with GIS technology