GIS for commercial

GIS for real estate – turning place into profit

Finding the best location for your business, branch or development is a critical element for success. The ability to comprehensively review, analyse, and glean hidden insights from your data is essential to determine the perfect position to boost profitability.

By using Geographic Information System (GIS) technology, retail developers are able to:

  • Make sense of demographics, consumer segments and competitors to find the perfect development location
  • See insights of portfolio developments across global, national and local markets
  • Make better site investment decisions
  • Enhance lease rates
  • Have maps and location knowledge available out in the field while viewing potential sites
  • Stay ahead of the competition by capitalising on opportunities and market gaps

Discover how GIS real estate solutions can positively impact your retail investment decisions – contact Esri Indonesia today on (021) 2940 6355.

Location Analytics

Leasing space based on location

Location analytics allow developers and shopping centre management to see areas with high foot traffic – providing them with a dynamic method to accurately price lease rate.

custom designed MapIT global solution

Geo-enlightening a global enterprise

Through its custom designed MapIT global solution, Jones Lang LaSalle can strengthen its internal and investment decision-making with real-time, accurate location-based data.

Planet Fitness

Strategic growth fuelled by innovative insight

Planet Fitness has turned geographic insight into dramatic growth – becoming one of America’s leading gym chains by making smart real estate decisions based on competitor location and market potential.