Water resources solutions

Specialists in Indonesia’s water industry are embracing Geographic Information System (GIS) technology to better manage the country’s water resources.

GIS technology is a powerful tool for developing water resources solutions, helping to assess water quality and manage resources on a local or regional scale.

Hydrologists use the technology to integrate various data and applications into one, manageable system – allowing them to quickly identify and analyse problems, and make decisions that are objective, timely and relevant.

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Managing Malaysia’s water resources with GIS

Learn how Malaysia’s Water Asset Management Company (Pengurusan Aset Air Berhad) is using GIS to ensure the efficient delivery of water services to the public. 

GIS supports Singapore’s water journey

GIS supports Singapore’s water journey

Singapore's Public Utilities Board has used GIS to overcome continual water shortages and establish a robust and sustainable water supply for the entire nation.