New organisation roles and corresponding membership levels at ArcGIS 10.5

ArcGIS Enterprise makes Portal for ArcGIS available to everyone.

Within an organisational portal, members can now be assigned roles at two membership levels:

Level 1: Viewers who can access and interact with secure content and information products but cannot create them.

Level 2: Contributors who can create content and information products with standard and premium apps.

Membership level 1


Viewers can discover and use existing portal items such as maps, apps and layers, and can join groups. They can access secure content only available to organisational users, however, they cannot create, share or own content, or conduct analysis.

Membership level 2


Users receive all the privileges of viewers, plus have the ability to create maps and apps, add items, share content and create groups.


In addition to all User privileges, Publishers can publish features and map tiles as hosted web layers. They can also perform analysis on layers in maps.


Those assigned to the Administrator role have all the same rights as Users and Publishers, but can also manage the organisation and other users. Organisations must have at least one administrator.

Please note: all new members added to an organisational portal are assigned User roles. This can then be updated by editing settings in ‘my organisation’.

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