Esri Maps for Office

Bring the power of location to Microsoft Office with the Esri Maps for Office add-in – free with ArcGIS Online.

In just a few seconds, you can create interactive maps of your data directly inside Excel, giving you new insight to make better, more informed decisions.

And because the maps you create are dynamic, you can quickly start exploring your data in a way that previously hasn’t been possible.

Map-enable your data

Making a map of your Excel data is now as easy as creating a graph or chart.

With Esri Maps for Office you can:

  • Quickly map locations and other geographic data such as sales by territory, state or postcode
  • Add geographic data enrichment services to your map to get more context about a location or area
  • Show demographics and lifestyle data, and other relevant characteristics associated with a specific area to provide new and deeper insights about your mapped locations

You have control over how the maps are styled, so you can emphasise the information that's important.

Impact your audience

With Esri Maps for Office you can quickly share both static map images and interactive maps.

With a single click you can add any map you create in Excel as a slide in your PowerPoint presentation, or copy and paste the map into your Word documents.

Get started with these video tutorials

View these short videos to find out how you can start making different types of maps in Microsoft Excel today:

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