ArcGIS 10.3

ArcGIS for Desktop

At 10.3, ArcGIS for Desktop includes many enhancements to ArcMap and a brand new 64-bit, multi-threaded application called ArcGIS Pro. This fast and exciting addition to ArcGIS for Desktop offers new contextual ways to view, edit and create 2D and 3D layers, maps and projects.

ArcGIS Pro is connected seamlessly with your ArcGIS Online organisation account (or Portal for ArcGIS) so you can access important content, and easily share your work for collaboration, review and final delivery.

ArcGIS for Server

At 10.3, ArcGIS for Server includes stability enhancements and improved functionality throughout the product. The Portal for ArcGIS extension for Server is now included with ArcGIS for Server Standard and Advanced (both Enterprise and Workgroup).

Portal enables organisations to take advantage of the growing list of apps available with ArcGIS. They can access these apps in their own infrastructure (on premises and in virtualised environments) and achieve similar functionality as an ArcGIS Online organisation, with the added benefit of having a powerful GIS server for web-enabling deep analytics, modelling and complex workflows.

ArcGIS Online

ArcGIS Online is updated about once a quarter. The December 2014 release includes a new 3D scene viewer that complements the capability of ArcGIS Pro to create 3D scenes. You can interact with a published scene or create 3D scenes. Other updates and enhancements include the ability to take hosted tile layers offline, new analytical functions for creating a viewshed or watershed, and a new configurable app template that provides directions.

ArcGIS for developers

The ArcGIS platform includes Runtime Software Development Kits (SDKs) that empower developers to build mapping and GIS applications for web, mobile and desktop clients to support common workflows for their customers. ArcGIS Runtime SDKs make it easy to create compelling custom applications that integrate geospatial data and GIS capabilities. ArcGIS 10.3 has support for QML and QT 5.3 deployed across the following platforms: Android, iOS, Linux, OS X and Windows. Updates to existing SDKs for Android, iOS, OS X, .NET and Java will also be available at 10.3.


Imagery, basemaps, demographics and Tapestry lifestyle data is included with ArcGIS. This content is continually updated so you have access to the most current maps, layers and data for your projects.


Moving forward, apps will be the way many people interact and work with the ArcGIS platform. Decision-makers, non-GIS professionals and the public are exposed to a wealth of geographic knowledge and spatial benefits via apps that meet both their personal and professional needs. ArcGIS includes many productivity apps that you can use right out of the box, as well as tools to build your own custom apps.


The ArcGIS platform includes collections of configurable maps and apps that align with your business needs and expand the use of geographic information in your organisation.

Esri is increasing the number of ArcGIS solutions and adding a series of new maps and apps to the existing offerings, include maps and apps for local and state government, emergency management, utilities, telecommunications, parks and gardens, military and intelligence.

In addition, a series of configurable apps will be provided that can be used across one or more solution domains. These apps include: Service Lookup; Find, Edit, Filter; Briefing Book; and Crowdsourcing.

Upgrade to ArcGIS 10.4

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ArcGIS Pro

ArcGIS Pro will change the way you manage and visualise your data – find out more now.