ENVI 5.3: geospatial imagery analysis

ENVI 5.3 and associated programming language IDL 8.5 are now available.

The latest ENVI update is packed full of new features and functionality that will help you do more with your geospatial data than ever before.

Key features of the latest ENVI update include:

  • New LiDAR point cloud analysis and visualisation capabilities – including ENVI API enhancements to programmatically access point clouds for custom extensions development, batch processing and enterprise deployments
  • New synthetic 3D point cloud generation from stereo optical imagery to take advantage of existing commercial imagery archives and create point cloud and terrain products in areas where collecting LiDAR is not feasible or more expensive than simply acquiring imagery
  • New enhancements to the spatiotemporal analysis toolset to view and understand how any given pixel in a scene has changed over time
  • New additions to the ENVITask system – enabling users to programmatically call discrete bits of image processing through the ENVI API
  • New IDL Python bridge to seamlessly integrate Python code into ENVI or wrap ENVI analytics into ArcGIS

ENVI 5.3 and IDL 8.5 can be downloaded by users current on maintenance.

If your licence is not current and you’d like to benefit from new features, improved performance and additional data support, upgrade before you download your software.

Learn more about ENVI 5.3 and how it can improve your geospatial imagery analysis by contacting Esri Indonesia on (021) 2940 6355.

Learn about the latest capabilities introduced as part of the 5.3 update by viewing this webinar from Harris – the makers of ENVI.

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