ENVI Modules – extend your functionality

ENVI Modules allow you to perform highly-specialised tasks that require advanced image analysis tools, such as extracting features, correcting for atmospheric conditions and orthorectifying images.

  • ENVI FX – designed specifically for GIS users and fully integrated with ArcGIS, ENVI FX allows you to find and extract specific objects of interest from all types of imagery and LiDAR point clouds. It includes unique step-by-step workflows that walk you through previously complex image and point cloud analysis tasks
  • ACM – easily remove atmospheric interference from your imagery with the ENVI Atmospheric Correction Module (ENVI ACM). This module treats each image and its atmospheric imprint individually to create a unique model that is a true, reliable representation of a specific image scene
  • DEM – quickly and easily create spatially accurate digital elevation models (DEMs) of your geospatial imagery. You now have all the tools you need to view anaglyph stereo pairs, measure building or mountain heights, edit DEM values and extract 3D features
  • Photogrammetry – register imagery to ground coordinates and geometrically correct them to remove distortions that happen during image capture. This module also generates synthetic 3D point clouds from spaceborne optical imagery platforms
  • NITF – certified by the Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC), the ENVI NITF (National Imagery Transmission Format) Module allows you to read, edit and deliver NITF files
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Learn about the latest capabilities introduced as part of the 5.3 update by viewing this webinar from Harris – the makers of ENVI.

ENVI Services Engine

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