ENVI SARscape transforms your Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data into meaningful, contextual information.

Acquired from airborne and spaceborne platforms, SAR data allows you to generate two or three-dimensional products of the Earth’s surface.

SAR data can be used to analyse an area of interest during the day or night regardless of weather conditions and can also help you detect change and study the topography of a specific area.

ENVI SARscape’s unique processing tools allow you to:

  • Transform raw SAR data into a single image or temporal images for further analysis
  • Create Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) and land displacement maps to understand the topography of an area and track any land shifts or movement in structures that may have occurred
  • Work with commercially available polarimetric data
To find out more about how ENVI can deliver a powerful new perspective to your geospatial imagery, contact Esri Indonesia today on (021) 2940 6355.

Learn about the latest capabilities introduced as part of the 5.3 update by viewing this webinar from Harris – the makers of ENVI.

ENVI Modules

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ENVI Services Engine

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