In recognition of its innovation and excellence in applying mapping and spatial analytics, the Directorate General of Highways (Bina Marga) has received a SAG Award for 2019.

Selected from more than 100,000 organisations worldwide, Bina Marga received a SAG Award at the world's largest geospatial event: the Esri User Conference in San Diego, California.

A data-driven overhaul

As part of Indonesia's Ministry of Public Works and Housing, Bina Marga maintains a national network of nearly 47,000km of roads and about 18,000 bridges on the country's more than 17,500 islands.

In its effort to modernise the nation’s highway infrastructure asset management, Bina Marga implemented Linear Referencing System using the ArcGIS Platform to provide an end-to-end solution to managing the national road network — from gathering field data to preparing spatial data in desktop, enriching the data from other organisations, performing analysis, as well as visualising and sharing data on an operational dashboard.

Through this integrated infrastructure asset management system, multiple departments can easily evaluate the condition, durability and expected lifespan of key assets — such as pavements, bridges, and road features — while simultaneously monitoring planning, maintenance, operations and investments.

Bina Marga’s system will help improve safety, reduce costs and maximise the performance of the road network. Going forward, the ArcGIS platform will be used to consume IoT data and to drive machine learning using information from CCTV across Indonesia integrated with the Road and Highway Management System.

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