Operations Dashboard and Collector for ArcGIS

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What is this course about?

The Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS course provides organisations with a real-time common operating picture to monitor events, operations, assets, deliveries of goods and services, and more. Equip field workers with Collector for ArcGIS to collect accurate data in the field and quickly share data updates with the organisation.

You will use both Operations Dashboard and Collector together to collect data, manage operations, and boost efficiency. You will learn to create a real-time operation view using Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS. Your operation view will monitor the locations of point of interest throughout the web map. It will also show the locations of nearby facilities. You'll first explore an existing operation view to see how it works. Then, you'll make your own and share it online. You will learn how to help your organisation reduce errors, increase productivity, and improve data quality by replacing paper-based workflows with maps that feature data-driven, intelligent forms.

Designed for GIS professionals or anyone involved in industries such as defense, public safety, utilities, health care, first response, elections returns, municipal services, and more who are interested in learning how Operations Dashboard and Collector for ArcGIS supports situational awareness of operations or events.

Course details


4,650,000.00 IDR




1 day




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    Are there any prerequisites?

    • Publisher or Administrator role in an ArcGIS Online for Organisation

    What skills will I learn?

    After completing this course, you will be able to:

    • Monitor an operation or event
    • Create and configure an operational view and widgets
    • Deploy an operational view
    • Enter field data into an ArcGIS Online hosted map using a smartphone or tablet computer
    • Improve the efficiency and accuracy of your field operations
    • Conduct rapid data collection and provide seamless data integration throughout your organisation
    • Replace your existing paper-based workflows
    • Take advantage of real-time collaboration (in both field and office environments)

    What can I expect?

    • Course topics


      • Explore an Operation View
      • Install Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS
      • Sign in and open an operation view

      Creating web maps as the foundation of your operation view

      • Set Basemap
      • Add Layers to new map
      • Set the layer refresh intervals
      • View layer attributes

      Create an Operation View

      • Choose Operation View type
      • Choose Web Map
      • Specify Data Sources
      • Configure Map Tools

      Add widgets

      • Configure Gauge Widget
      • Configure Bar Chart Widget
      • Configure Legend
      • Configure List Widget
      • Save an operation View
      • Share an operation View
      • Use Operations Dashboard in Browser

      Collect and update data in the field

      • Collector for ArcGIS components
      • Data collection steps
      • Collect a feature with iPhone or Android phone
      • Update a feature with iPhone or Android phone
      • Delete a feature with iPhone or Android phone