A platform for smarter mining life cycle management

From mineral exploration to mine remediation, advanced location-based analytics technology ensures smarter mining life cycle management.

Supporting more informed decision-making, the technology – also known as Geographic Information System (GIS) technology – acts as a common platform for every member of your company to access operational data and uncover the insights necessary to work at full capacity.

With location-based analytics strengthening your entire enterprise, you can:

  • Create process efficiencies throughout the mining life cycle
  • Better plan sustainable exploration activities
  • Improve the sharing of information between departments
  • Monitor safety hazards and mitigate risks
  • Improve community awareness by visually present your future plans

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location-based analytics can transform your entire mining operations.

Enhance your operations with real-time information
Case study

Enhance your operations with real-time information

The operator of Indonesia’s largest copper and gold mines, PT Freeport Indonesia, has increased operational efficiency and enhanced occupational safety with a location-based analytics platform.