In the oil and geothermal sector, subsurface to surface data is produced daily

Key statistics to keep track of include:

Wellhead pressure
Line pressure
Well temperature
Throttle valve opening
Flow rate of the oil/steam produced 

In this session, you’ll learn how to leverage on ArcGIS Insights to combine operation and geospatial data, while tracking how the field evolves in real-time.

By using the power of location intelligence for reservoir management and maintenance, you will be empowered by a better understanding of your project’s stability.

Please note that this webinar will be presented in Bahasa Indonesia. 


  • Identify the data types that are usually produced and how they benefit from location intelligence
  • Hear about projects that have had a geospatial approach successfully implemented
  • Learn how combining wellhead data with spatial data will help pinpoint stable and unstable wellhead pressure locations
  • Determine through best practices how to maintain and manage reservoir conditions for operational sustainability