The ongoing pandemic continues to be disruptive to many industries, while affecting the lives of others.

As a result, various sectors have had to evolve and adapt in response to varying degrees of success.

One such group has been GIS users, who have not let COVID-19 deter their geospatial education.
In this webinar, discover how GIS users of all ages and stages are still actively involved in learning, teaching, and mentoring.

ArcGIS embraces lifelong learning every step of the way, by providing mapping and spatial analysis tools for schools, campuses, or even seasoned users seeking to experiment with the newest technology.

Even while isolated as a result of the pandemic, you can still teach and learn right through your screen, especially for those who no longer have access to campus computer labs.

Please note that this webinar will be presented in Bahasa Indonesia.


  • Using maps in the classroom to help students connect lessons with real places by illustrating geographic context
  • Learn how GIS impacts teaching, learning, research, service, and administration in Higher Education.
  • Updating the GIS curriculum and providing access for students to GIS materials right through their screen
  • Enabling administrators to manage assets, students, research data, and work orders more efficiently, to reduce the operation costs, drive smarter decisions, and ensure public safety
  • Discover many exciting ArcGIS programs and education licensing used for key steps in a lifelong learning journey