As an essential part of the ecosystem, our forests need to be constantly managed and monitored.

However, this task has become more daunting for the agencies in charge – large datasets need to be consistently reviewed, especially as weather patterns and natural disasters grow more unpredictable. To respond effectively while retaining the most accurate level of data, a combination of GIS and remote sensing need to be used. In this webinar, discover how both these technologies can be integrated through the ArcGIS platform to closely monitor forest sustainability. As a result, decision-makers, fieldworkers, and consultants will be empowered to strengthen timber investment and natural resource management.


  • Process remote sensing data for forestry sustainability management using image analysis in ArcGIS Pro
  • Add value to your workflows using wayback imagery on ArcGIS Online
  • Explore industry and local government case studies that use image analysis and remote sensing method for forestry and agriculture