To better prepare today's students for tomorrow's challenges, Indonesia's Ministry of Education and Culture - with Esri Indonesia's support - is introducing the Freedom to Learn - Independent Campus programme into the country's education system.

This is in response to Indonesian higher education institutions that are finding it increasingly difficult to provide adequate quality resources to keep up with evolving demands.

Through the new Freedom to Learn – Independent Campus (Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka/MBKM) policy, an emphasis is placed on independent learning.

Students will be given the freedom to develop their talents and abilities without being hampered by formal rules which may shackle creativity.

By encouraging them to think outside the box, more innovative solutions can be developed to help them face a world that is still trying to find a foothold in the new normal.

In support, Esri Indonesia’s Education launch a new programme called Freedom to Learn: GIS for Everyone (Merdeka Belajar: GIS untuk Semua).

It aims to support and facilitate the new policy throughout affiliated universities across Indonesia. This will be done by increasing spatial awareness in non-geoscience majors – educating them on how location intelligence is successfully used and implemented in every industry and discipline.

They will also learn how all digital content can be brought together to provide a profoundly deeper understanding and comprehension of what is happening within a spatial context, to enable them to make smarter decisions.

Freedom to Learn: GIS for Everyone contains several programs to accommodate eight main policies, such as internship/work practice, projects in the village, teaching in schools, student exchange, research, entrepreneurial activities, independent studies/projects, and humanitarian projects.

Freedom to learn


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Note: Freedom to Learn: GIS for Everyone is only for affiliated universities. However, if your university is not listed in our submission form, e-mail our Education team to help us connect. Submission for most programs will be between 17 March and 17 April 2021 – the final list will be announced on 24 April 2021 via e-mail. To learn more about our programmes, see below.

GIS for School Ambassador (Ambassador GIS untuk Sekolah)

Searching for GIS ambassadors for schools to champion location technology among geography teachers and students.

In support of MBKM in school curriculums through Freedom to Learn: GIS for Everyone, we are looking for GIS for School Ambassadors that will teach students using modern GIS in two categories: As a Remote Sensing Ambassador who will help teach remote sensing subjects, and GIS for Humanities Ambassador who will help teach how spatial analysis can help society, especially through regional and environmental health.

Step by step program:

  1. Participants must submit the required documents via  between 17 March and 17 April 2021. The winners will be announced on 24 April 2021 via e-mail
  2. Finalists will present a Story Map that discusses how to become the next geography teacher in Indonesia
  3. Winners will be given incentives in the form of money, licenses, certificates, media releases, and titles. They will provide teaching assistance to our pilot schools
  4. They will be provided with materials and teaching resources from Esri Indonesia’s Education team to conduct virtual classes for one year, while working with schools and Esri Indonesia create related curriculum
  5. At the end of the program, participants will be asked to share their experiences through a Story Map that will be used as a media release by Esri Indonesia

Thesis Research Fellowships (Beasiswa Penelitian Tesis)

Providing student thesis research scholarships from Esri Indonesia.

In support of MBKM’s research programme, which seeks to facilitate and enhance a student’s thesis or research. This programme is open to undergraduates, graduates, and post-graduates. Priority will be given to undergraduates. 

Step by step program:

  1. Participants must submit the required documents via  between 17 March and 17 Aprl 2021. The winners will be announced on 24 April 2021 on the same website
  2. There will be a selection process based on the thesis/research proposal submitted to Esri Indonesia
  3. Five winners will receive incentives and technical assistance from Esri Indonesia, certificates, media releases, and souvenirs
  4. There is no definitive duration to the Thesis Research Fellowships programme. It will end once the research/thesis is completed and enters a national/international scientific conference, competition, and/or real work implementation
  5. Once this has occurred, participants will be asked to share their experiences through a Story Map that will be used as a media release by Esri Indonesia

Student Humanities Response (Respons Kemanusiaan Pelajar Esri)

Humanitarian projects with Esri Indonesia's partner communities

Students will support communities that are working to improve their business processes by collaborating with Esri Indonesia. Three key communities they can choose to support are food security with the Foodbank of Indonesia, conservation focus with Healthy Planet Indonesia, and disaster response focus with UINSPIRE.

Step by step program:

  1. Participants can register as a team and choose the Esri Indonesia partner community they want to support, with one three-member team per community
  2. Participants must submit the required documents via between 17 March and 17 April 2021. The winners will be announced on 24 April 2021 via e-mail
  3. Selected participants will be notified via email and given a two-week introduction to ArcGIS system by working on a simple project
  4. For six months, participants will support communities in improving their business workflows and other offline humanitarian work, where possible
  5. At the end of the program, participants will be asked to share their experiences through a Story Map that will be used as a media release by Esri Indonesia
  6. They will also receive certificates, media releases, and souvenirs from Esri Indonesia

Intern and Fellowship Program (Program Magang)

The Esri Indonesia Internship Program is designed for undergraduates looking to gain real-world experience in the GIS industry. It aims to equip them with practical skills and work experience that will allow them to jumpstart their geospatial careers.

What is new with this year’s internship program?

There are two submission categories for internship at Esri Indonesia: For students in higher education and professionals working outside of the education sector. Successful applicants will have the opportunity to learn more about GIS technology and/or with Esri Indonesia’s clients. This six-month program supports the MBKM programme.

The internship programme has two options: You can either spend the six months at Esri Indonesia or opt for three months first; the next three months will be an assignment with one of our clients to provide help and support. In doing so, you’ll have the opportunity to experience working in two organisations. However, the final decision on this arrangement will be entirely up to Esri Indonesia’s Education team.

Note: Submissions for this year’s programme are already closed. Please visit the official page for more information.

Virtual Exchange School (Pertukaran Sekolah Virtual)

Enabling virtual exchanges between lecturers in Indonesian universities and teachers at Esri’s partner colleges around the world.

This is optional for universities who would like to invite lecturers with specific expertise from universities around the world. Esri Indonesia team will help to initiate conversation between the two institutions; following this, administration will be managed entirely by the universities.

Step by step program:

  1. Contact the Esri Indonesia Education team with your request. There is no submission phase; the programme will be launched upon review and approval
  2. The Esri Indonesia Education Team will discuss the themes, timeline, and other details of the potential exchange with the interested university
  3. The Indonesian university will be connected with lecturers from Esri’s partner universities via email and virtual meetings
  4. The exchange will be launched only upon and agreed duration and timeline between the two parties

Thematic Classroom (Kelas Tematik Esri ID)

Improving the spatial abilities of students from collaborating campuses through external seminars and workshops that can already be requested from our Education team.

Only three classes will be held annually, each with a cap of 100 participants solely from Esri Indonesia’s affiliated universities. The dates, times, and topics will be communicated with the university representative. However, if there are other specific topics that the university would like to explore, we can work on developing additional seminars/workshops outside the thematic classroom.

Esri Community Support Centre (Pusat Dukungan Komunitas Esri)

Does your university have a new idea or program that we can work together to develop, in support of MBKM or to enhance spatial abilities in general? If you are from one of our affiliated universities, consult with Esri Indonesia’s Education team on creating joint programs to support independent learning.

If you’re not sure if your university is affiliated with Esri Indonesia, or if you’d like it to be so that you can participate in one of these programmes, please e-mail our Education team to find out more.