Jakarta's provincial administration has received the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs Bhumandala Kanaka Award for the city's geospatial information database system, Jakarta Satu (One Jakarta).

The award was presented to Jakarta Governor, Anies Baswedan, by President Joko Widodo on Tuesday 11 December 2018 at an event attended by governors and mayors from across Indonesia as well as ministers of transportation, land & spatial planning and finance.

Jakarta faces several challenges as the world's second largest urban centre including rapid growth, ecological breakdown, congestion and being prone to flooding.

To manage these challenges, government needs to be more alert and responsive in applying appropriate public policies to maintain the city's sustainable development.

Jakarta Satu uses web GIS and ArcGIS Enterprise to implement a one map policy that compiles non-spatial data on population, groundwater, permits, education, land use, social-welfare and so forth, and integrates it with spatial information to deliver a synchronised picture of the city to its provincial administration.

By integrating data from every district into a single reference system and leveraging the ArcGIS platform to analyse and visualise spatial data in 2D and 3D, Jakarta Satu delivers insights that support data-driven public policy making.

It also facilitates a search function, the development of a 3D digital twin using ArcGIS Pro and CityEngine, and data verification in the field using a range of ArcGIS ready-to-use apps and APIs.

As a transparent, single source of truth, the Jakarta Satu promises to reduce corruption, increase tax revenues, support the decline in groundwater exploitation, handle land disputes, develop public service systems with One Single Submission, and synchronise development plans.

As part of the objectives of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, it can also help improve the Human Development Index.

Mr Benni Agus Candra, Head of the Agency for Human Settlements and Spatial Planning said, “WebGIS, as an integrative platform, is put in place in a bid to raise awareness and public engagement for the city’s comprehensive urban planning — to inspire and guide smart growth of the city.”

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