ArcGIS Navigator is a professional mobile navigation app for Android and iOS that uses GIS software to route your field workforce. With hundreds of global maps, or your own custom map, you can define travel modes, route on your own roads, and search your assets - online or offline.    

Complex navigation made simple


Work offline

Navigate even when disconnected


Shared routes

Easily make and access custom routes


GIS data

Search your assets, route on your roads


Boost efficiency

Drive less, be reliable and on time

To find out more about ArcGIS Navigator call or email a product specialist on (021) 2709 9881 – 84.

How ArcGIS Navigator works


Standard app functionality

Choose a map and travel mode. Search for and add destinations. Use the optimised route provided or reorder the stop sequence as needed.

Navigate with custom maps

Get the full experience with maps based on your own authoritative GIS data. It's the standard app plus your roads, assets and basemap.

Use a pre-planned route

Use a route or stop list created for you in the office. Routes shared to ArcGIS Online can be downloaded to Navigator to use in the field.

Better together

Use ArcGIS Navigator in combination with other focused ArcGIS apps to maximise efficiency in your field activities. Navigator also integrates directly with other business applications you already use.

ArcGIS Field Maps icon

ArcGIS Field Maps

Send any point location to ArcGIS Navigator. Once in Navigator, return to ArcGIS Field Maps to resume data collection activities. Work seamlessly from one app to the other.

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ArcGIS QuickCapture

With a simple click, open ArcGIS Navigator from any point on the map. Route to your selected destination, then automatically return to QuickCapture.

Discover ArcGIS QuickCapture

ArcGIS Workforce

Select the next task from your list. Use ArcGIS Navigator to route to the destination and return to Workforce when routing is complete.

Explore Workforce for ArcGIS

ArcGIS Survey123

When collecting data with Survey123, get routing directions to the next collection point by opening Navigator.

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