Be plantation prepared with GIS mapping

Resilience to natural disasters is a growing concern for Indonesia's plantation specialists and crop industry.

Neighbouring Australia is no stranger to floods and cyclones, with severe weather events threatening the tree crop sector annually since 2000.

By shifting the focus abroad, the plantation industry is gaining valuable insights into how mapping technology is used to respond to natural disasters and diseases.

These difficult-to-predict threats pose a year-round hazard to agribusiness, impacting farmers' livelihoods, community well-being and infrastructure.

Geospatial technology is a game-changer for plantation preparedness, providing real-time data and geographical information to ensure faster decision-making and response when disaster strikes.

Accessible online at any place, any time and on any device, growers now have the GIS tools to monitor and protect crops and quickly assess damage when required.

Download the case study to learn how GIS is assisting farmers in Queensland, Australia and find out how this technology can:

  • Use location data to mitigate biosecurity threats
  • Quantify damage from natural disasters
  • Optimise coordination of disaster recovery efforts
  • Clarify insurance claims
  • Recalculate annual production forecasts

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Download the case study