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Positions available

We are currently seeking suitable candidates in the following areas.

  • DevOps Engineer
    DevOps engineers sit at the crossroads of operations and software development.
    In this role, you’ll design, build, deploy, and maintain critical applications on cloud-native architectures used by clients and users across Indonesia. Collaborating with Esri Indonesia’s talented cross-functional engineering team — and using the latest technologies — the DevOps Engineer has a keen mind for finding the ideal solution to complex challenges.
    Leveraging prior experience and best practices, the DevOps Engineer will:
    • Design, document, implement, and maintain the operational components of various applications
    • Collaborate with other teams to build development procedures in automating build, test, and packaging application for production or release
    • Architect an environment for development team, implement CI/CD pipelines to support the operation of infrastructure and services
    • Identify and fix production issues at any level of infrastructure, cluster, network, and service
    • Work with development teams to design best architecture of each product/application.
    • Iterate on best practices to increase the quality and velocity of deployments
    • Sustain and improve the process of knowledge sharing throughout the engineering team
    About you:
    • 2-5 years working experience in a software engineer role
    • Hands-on experience in managing on-premise and cloud environments such as Azure, AWS or Kubernetes
    • A good understanding of Linux system administration, DevOps Practice and Automation processes
    • Proficient in SQL and python, being comfortable working with shell script
    • Strong experience in data architecture or software development
    • Familiarity with one or more CI/CD framework
    • Extensive knowledge of microservice architecture
    • Bachelor’s degree or higher in Computer Science or related discipline
    • Experience in SSO, LDAP, IDP and DevOps
    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
    • Great problem solver with the ability to structure action plans and responses

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  • Data Platform Engineer
    The Data Platform Engineer works closely with other enterprise teams to define shared standards and practices and leverage common infrastructure and security.
    Working collaboratively with both technical (developers, stewards, DBAs, architects) and business partners, the Data Platform Engineer monitors deployment environments, secures content and maintains system health.
    Other responsibilities include:
    • Building a data system
    • Creating and maintaining optimal data pipeline architecture
    • Maintaining the full life cycle development, implementation, and support of data products
    • Creating data model, combining raw data from different resources and controlling integration quality
    • Collaborating with internal teams to understand business requirements and review client input to build data analysis services utilising data from multiple sources
    • Work extensively with Professional Services Team to understand enterprise processes and models
    • Evaluate and implement new technologies to improve data quality and reliability
    About you:
    • 3 years’ experiences in data engineering, BI engineering and data services
    • Proficient in SQL, Python and/or Java
    • Hands on experience in big data platforms and technologies
    • Strong knowledge of data modelling and data warehousing concepts
    • Advanced knowledge and experience working with complex ETL, unstructured datasets, and data warehousing tools
    • Experience in architecting and building scalable data platforms
    • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills with the ability to structure an action plan/response
    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills both in Bahasa and English
    • Bachelor’s degree or higher in Computer Science or related discipline
    • Strong knowledge and experience in cloud technologies
    • Ability to analyse and document complex business processes and project details

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  • Full Stack Web Developer
    Working directly with our growing client base across Indonesia, the full stack web developer will design, build, and maintain modern and effective web experience that provide ArcGIS users with the answers they need when they need them.
    Our mission is to deliver great online and offline content centered on our cutting-edge software products and their users.
    Working with a collaborative team of content developers and product engineers, the full stack web developer will:
    • Architect and build robust web applications using Esri developer tools such as ArcGIS REST API and ArcGIS API for JavaScript
    • Implement methods that monitor the health, performance, and usability of systems, tools, and sites as well as to maintain the code quality and structure
    • Write high-quality, well-documented code that ensures optimal performance, and achieves business requirements for QA to test deliverables
    • Solve and articulate complex problems with website design and user experiences in a collaborative environment
    • Collaborate effectively to review client requirements, feedback and optimise their solutions to meet their needs
    • Stay current with complementary programming languages, development methodologies, user interface design techniques, and database tools
    • Continuously discover, evaluate, and implement new technology to improve product quality.
    About you:
    • A minimum of 3 years’ experience in professional web development with a strong knowledge of data structures, system design, algorithm, and web application development life cycles (Plan, Design, Build, Testing, Deploy, Maintain)
    • Proven record of using RESTful API and an ability to create and utilise it for web application development
    • Familiarity with Web Tech Stack (JavaScript, NodeJS, SQL, Backend Programming Language)
    • Experience in Git and CI/CD pipeline environments
    • Experience in Web GIS development, ArcGIS Platform experience and knowledge of PWA and microservice applications
    • Effective time management as well as organisational and communication skills
    • An understanding of agile software development and continuous integration practices
    • Bachelor’s degree, or higher, in Computer Science or a related discipline

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  • Industry Lead - National Government
    Core Responsibilities
    • Generate leads and opportunities within the National Government sector by using GIS solutions to address its business process challenges
    • Create a roadmap for short-term and long-term GIS solutions
    • Enable geospatial data to be shared and collaborated within the National Government network
    • Optimise the decision-making process of National Government clients through Esri’s geospatial technology and solutions
    • Collaborate with the sales and solution teams to market and sell Esri’s portfolio of solutions to the assigned National Government accounts
    • Build, manage, and sustain key relationships with the affiliated organisations
    • Develop strategic plans to address clients’ needs, business challenges, future improvements, and ArcGIS license utilisation
    • Act as subject matter experts in providing valuable insight and guidance to the client
    • Build relationships with senior client executives while earning a reputation as a trusted business adviser
    • Understand Esri’s business strategies and articulate how they can make a positive impact on clients’ businesses
    • Successful track record in solution selling within a relevant customer domain is a strong advantage
    • Demonstrated level of business acumen as it applies to the client's business
    • Skilled in consultative selling, with an understanding of the client's needs and required solution capabilities
    • Extensive networking and interpersonal skills in complex environments
    • Commercially minded and capable of supporting end-to-end sales engagements including tender process, contract negotiation with the ability to think, plan and act strategically
    • Ability to work in multi-layered organisational environment
    • Confident and effective negotiation skills
    • Ability to anticipate and resolve issues and problems
    • Ability to gain and build trust with customers and colleagues
    • Effective communication skills, both written and oral in English and Bahasa Indonesia
    Technical and Professional Expertise
    • Minimum Bachelor Degree in a geospatial field from a reputable university
    • Minimum 12 years’ experience in a geospatial-related industry or business
    • Minimum 5 years’ experience in sales or business development
    • Minimum 5 years’ experience working with National Government clients
    • Minimum 3 years’ experience in a managerial position
    • Familiar with ArcGIS software platform and its applications to the National Government sector

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  • Mobile Apps Developer
    Is building cool mobile applications your thing? Got a GitHub? Have an app on the Play Store? Tell us about it all and let us see your work.
    We are looking for innovative, user-focused developers to join our team and help push the boundaries while putting their mark on the applications of tomorrow.
    Challenge yourself to build great location aware applications that enable our community to solve real world problems.
    The Mobile Apps Developer has to be an excellent communicator, a team player who can also fly solo, and able to thrive in an ever-changing environment where they will:
    • Design and build mobile apps using Esri developer tools such as ArcGIS Runtime SDK and AppStudio
    • Collaborate with other developers and our industry solutions team throughout the development process
    • Understand user requirements and incorporate their feedback to improve software design and function — these apps have to meet real world scenarios
    • Solve complex problems with design, development, and user experience
    • Write documentation and requirements for QA to test deliverables
    • Be an advocate within the company and at conferences; help us grow mobile application development capability throughout Esri Indonesia
    About you:
    • Game-changing tech enthusiast
    • Great problem solver with the ability to structure an action plan/response
    • 2+ years’ experience in developing mobile applications
    • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering, or other related subjects
    • Prior experience in building spatial/mapping applications or mobile GIS
    • Experience in Augmented and Virtual Reality development
    • Experience in React-Native mobile development Familiarity with cross-platform mobile technologies (flutter, Xamarin, qt, ionic)

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  • Subscription and Sales Operation Manager
    The Subscription and Sales Operation Manager oversees and manages the activities of the subscription sales and sales operations staff and supports the alignment, strategy, planning, development, and implementation of the department’s day-to-day operations.
    Playing a major analytical role, the manager continuously improves, develops, and documents sales policies, processes, procedures, and tools that maintain the accuracy and integrity of sales data.
    Reporting directly to the Country Sales Manager, the Subscription and Sales Operation Manager will develop and deliver effective business and sales enablement tools — including modeling, incentive programs and geographic sales planning — to improve sales processes and increase productivity.
    Leading the new subscription program, the manager will provide vision and guidance to sales operation staff — enabling them to achieve sales targets, improve revenue growth and renewal rates.
    Aligning with Esri Indonesia’s overall values and objectives, the manager will formulate and maintain sales governance and analytical reporting on processes to support prompt, fact-based decision making and strategy formulation.
    The Subscription and Sales Operation Manager will develop analytical and reporting frameworks in line with business objectives, and — leveraging advanced analytical skills — will build forecasts and maintain accurate and comprehensive consumer databases to enable regularly updated acquisition and retention strategies.
    By ensuring accuracy and consistency in key sales systems, the Subscription and Sales Operations Manager proactively analyses sales trends and metrics to deliver accurate, insightful and timely reports to management including CEO, CSM — as well as sales staff.
    About you:
    • Bachelor’s degree (master’s preferred) in Sales, Management, Marketing, Finance, or any other business-related field
    • Minimum 7-10 years in sales operations in a competitive environment with a demonstrated ability operate strategically and tactically
    • Experience as a Sales Operations Manager in a software business is preferred — experience with PMA companies with international networks is desirable
    • Proven experience in implementing change leading to an increase in sales
    • Experience with CRM systems leading to increased customer acquisition, renewal rate and retention and consequently leading to enhancement of sales volumes
    • Proven ability to define, refine, and effect functional sales strategies, processes, and policies
    • Outstanding communication skills in English and Bahasa Indonesia

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