The Esri Indonesia Internship Program is designed for undergraduates looking to gain real-world experience in the GIS industry. The program aims to equip students with practical skills and work experience that would allow them to jumpstart their careers.

To apply for the internship program, please submit your application.

How to join the program

The program is open to all students currently enrolled in a study program from a College or University. The length of the internship may vary and may last from a minimum of four weeks up to eight weeks. Students interested in joining the program are encouraged to apply only from February 1 – March 1 every year. Please submit your application to Esri Indonesia’s Education Team.


What documents do we need to prepare to apply for the Esri Indonesia Internship Program?
Student card, motivation letter (that describes the industry or things you would like to learn or project you want to work on during your internship), updated CV with current photo, and letter from university (if any).

How do I apply the internship program?
Any student who is interested can apply and submit all required documents through this link -

Can I apply as a group?
Application is for one person at a time only through this link -

Will the project work be individual or in a group?
The assigned project might be done as a group, but each participant is still required to make and submit their own motivation letter when applying.

Do I need to prepare a proposal to apply for the internship program?
It is not needed – any project or things you want to work or study on during your internship can be written or mentioned in your motivation letter.

When can I apply to join the internship program?
The registration or application for internship can only be made between 1 January and 28 February each year; no applications will be entertained outside of this window.

When will the internship program commence?
Program or Internship activity will commence based on the review and approval of your application.

When is the announcement of the successful applicants?
Successful applicants of the Internship program will be receive an e-mail notification on 7 March.

Dokumen apa yang perlu dipersiapkan untuk mendaftar di program Internship Esri Indonesia?
Student card, motivation letter (yang menjelaskan industri atau hal yang tertarik untuk dipelajari atau projek yang ingin dikerjakan selama masa internship), cv terbaru dengan foto terbaru, surat keterangan dari universitas (jika ada).

Bagaimana cara saya mendaftar untuk mengikuti program internship?
Siswa yang berminat untuk mengikuti program internship dapat mendaftar melalui link dan melampirkan seluruh dokumen dan data diri.

Apakah saya bisa mendaftar secara berkelompok?
Pendaftaran dilakukan satu persatu orang melalui link

Apakah projek yang dikerjakan harus secara individual atau berkelompok?
Projek yang dikerjakan dapat berupa projek kelompok, namun masing-masing orang tetap perlu membuat motivation letter masing-masing ketika mendaftar.

Apakah saya perlu menyiapkan proposal untuk mendaftar program internship?
Tidak perlu, projek atau hal yang ingin dikerjakan atau dipelajari selama masa internship dapat dituliskan di dalam motivation letter.

Kapan saya bisa mendaftarkan diri untuk bergabung di program internship?
Pendaftaran untuk melakukan internship hanya dapat dilakukan di jangka waktu 1 Januari sampai 28 Februari setiap tahun, di luar jangka waktu tersebut siswa tidak dapat mendaftarkan diri untuk mengikuti program internship.

Kapan saya bisa memulai program internship di Esri Indonesia?
Program atau kegiatan internship dapat dilakukan di waktu yang diajukan oleh siswa sepanjang tahun pada link pendaftaran ( dan disetujui oleh pihak Esri Indonesia.

Kapan pengumuman penerimaan aplikasi akan diberikan?
Pengumuman penerimaan internship akan diumumkan pada tanggal 7 Maret melalui e-mail.