Transform your data into actionable insights

Location analysis connects the seemingly disconnected, helps you unlock trends in your real-time data feeds for a comprehensive understanding that supports data-driven decision-making.

Discover the power of distributed computing and explore the tools and capabilities enabling you to transform massive spatial data into manageable information and reveal hidden patterns.

In this presentation, Fepri Putra Panghurian demonstrates the latest big data tools and capabilities — from data acquisition and management to end-to-end spatial data analysis using ArcGIS GeoAnalytics Engine.


Webinar recording

Why attend?

  • Take a deep dive into complex big data analysis tools.
  • Explore data acquisition, management, and analysis workflows.
  • Leverage the power of distributed processing to spatially analyse big data.
  • Discover how to unlock valuable, actionable insights faster.


Fepri Putra Panghurian
Fepri Putra Panghurian
Analytic and Data Management Team Lead
Esri Indonesia
A professional application developer