Waskita Karya announced a strategic partnership with leading geospatial solutions provider Esri Indonesia, to adopt a cutting-edge trend in Digital Engineering called GeoBIM which will enable Waskita to create more resilient infrastructures and facilities across the nation.

The partnership comes as part of Waskita’s larger digital transformation strategy which aims to harness smart technologies and Big Data to improve the company’s overall effectiveness, efficiency, productivity, workforce safety, and profitability.

At the core of this initiative is a Geographic Information System (GIS) solution which integrates, manages and analyses a variety of data including BIM (Building Information Modelling) data to provide designers and architects with greater insight that influence an upcoming structure’s location, orientation, and even construction materials.

According to an Esri Indonesia spokesperson, while GIS is necessary for planning and operating cities, roads, bridges and other infrastructure in the context of their surroundings, BIM information is crucial for the design and construction of those structures

“The seamless integration of BIM and GIS (also considered as GeoBIM) will conceive a 3D Digital Twin which will help Waskita create designs that maximize the long-term value of their upcoming infrastructures and across the country,” the spokesperson said.

GeoBIM will enable planners, engineers, and architects to visualise and experiment the impact of designs against existing surroundings and landscapes on a 3D map to ensure infrastructure and amenities in upcoming projects support the needs of the surrounding community.

In addition, GeoBIM is also expected to break-down silos and consolidate data from Waskita’s different departments on to a single dynamic mapping platform.

“This is the current best practice standard for data management as every project and stakeholder benefits from having a single-point-of-truth for all project data. By doing so, all stakeholders can view the design of the entire project and understand the relationship between the environment and planned structures so that necessary contingencies are developed to avoid inefficiencies and waste during the project,” the Esri Indonesia spokesperson said.

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With the COVID-19 prompting many organisations to adopt digital transformation at such a rapid pace, Waskita Karya is taking a forward-thinking approach on innovation by thinking about how their technology adoption can help shape the industry.

“GeoBIM is the latest trend in digital engineering and construction sweeping across the world. We are excited to partner with Esri Indonesia on this exciting initiative and hope it will usher a new era of infrastructure design in the country.” Mr Hadjar Seti Adji, Director of Human Resources and System Development of PT Waskita Karya (Persero) Tbk said.

“Technology empowers us to plan, make decisions, and better manage our resources and facilities. In the case of this partnership, GeoBIM will allow us to experiment virtually with various planning configurations, provide a common platform for better communication with multiple stakeholders as well as create an efficient workflow process,” Mr Hadjar said.

“It is hoped that the partnership with Esri Indonesia and the use of GeoBIM will bring great benefits to the transformation of the Big Data and Information Infrastructure systems, not only for our project portfolio but also for the Indonesian construction community, who can enjoy and use our infrastructure and facilities. This is indeed the main aspiration in our business transformation journey, and it is hoped that it will inspire Indonesian construction stakeholders to do the same and support this program.” Hadjar stated.

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