GIS is empowering decision-makers and field workers in the mining sector to increase production, optimise workflows, and mitigate risk.

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ArcGIS solutions for mining

Intelligent weather forecasting and alerting

Access comprehensive information on current weather, trends over time, and forecasts for different locations to support daily operations.

  • Improve productivity and planning for weather-related operations
  • Maintain safety by accurately aligning planning forecast data for safer operations
  • Avoid excess operational costs by accurately creating work plans


Real-time Data Monitoring and Field Apps Integration

Monitor Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) alerts in real-time and integrate mobile apps for fieldwork activities.

  • Track fieldworkers and heavy-weight vehicles in real time
  • Monitor HSE alerts for field activities in hazardous or restricted areas
  • Dispatch field assignments and monitor their status
  • Collect and submit data from the field
  • Visualise data and analyse fieldwork Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Real-time data monitoring and field apps integration


Road Extraction and Alerting on Imagery

Extract road features from imagery and automate road width and slope alerts using GeoAI.

  • Undertake labelling for bimodal classification
  • Develop training with Machine Learning classifier (Random Forest) and raster classification
  • Export training data for Deep Learning
  • Perform Deep Learning Modelling (U-Net)
  • Run model inference using pixel classification
  • Raster refinement and feature conversion

Deep Learning output for road delineation with alerts on road width and slope


  • ArcGIS Pro
  • Spatial Analyst extension for ArcGIS Desktop
  • Image Analyst extension for ArcGIS Desktop

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Mining Area Management and Productivity Analysis

Map and monitor blocks, pit, disposal, run-of-mine (ROM), and other areas on mining sites using ArcGIS Dashboard.

  • Map and monitor mining sites
  • Analyse daily/weekly productivity or operations
  • Integrate datasets such as blockstrip, pit, disposal, ROM and other boundaries, road network, DEM (Digital Elevation Model), and more

Mining area management and productivity analysis


Data and Map Access on Mobile Chat Application

Respond to data queries and run analysis using mobile chat applications.

  • Query data via chat app
  • Analyse data on the go
  • Update system data via an app
  • Retrieve alert notifications remotely

Data and Map Access on Mobile Chat Application


Augmented Reality meets GIS in a Mobile App

Monitor fieldworkers in real-time using augmented reality (AR) and ensure field safety implementation.

  • Maintain real-time information on field worker locations
  • Monitor field data submission on restricted areas, such as areas prone to landslide, preserved forests, unauthorised land, etc.
  • Visualise alerts to enable managers to track field workers and support field safety

Augmented Reality meets GIS in Mobile App


Interactive Slicing of Geological Layers and Fence Diagram

Analyse subsurfaces by building geological fencing from Triangulated Irregular Network (TIN) data layers.

  • Perform geological analysis
  • Explore potential sites
  • Plan operational activities
  • Assess the risks of potential hazards (e.g. landslides, earthquakes, etc.)
  • Develop infrastructure at mining sites

Interactive geological layer slicing and fence diagrams


  • ArcGIS Pro
  • Spatial Analyst extension for ArcGIS Desktop
  • 3D Analyst extension for ArcGIS Desktop

Slope Interpolation and Geological Faults Delineation

Interpolate points in 3D to visualise slope layers from point cloud data using Empirical Bayesian Kriging (EBK).

  • Interpolate point cloud data to produce slope layers
  • Delineate faults on steep slopes
  • Identify safe roads for mine transportation, cut-fill planning, landslide risk assessment, etc.

Slope interpolation and geological faults delineation


  • ArcGIS Pro
  • Spatial Analyst extension for ArcGIS Desktop
  • 3D Analyst extension for ArcGIS Desktop

Mine Site Revegetation and Mine Rehabilitation

Increase time efficiency for regular revegetation monitoring and automation processes.

  • Undertake tree counting
  • Classify tree species
  • Measure vegetation area size
  • Automate the monitoring of revegetation programs

Revegetation area monitoring


  • ArcGIS Pro
  • Spatial Analyst extension for ArcGIS Desktop
  • Image Analyst extension for ArcGIS Desktop

Mineral Classification and Counting using AI

Improve efficiency of image analysis to accurately identify mineral types and concentration.

  • Classify minerals
  • Automate the counting of mineral samples
  • Locate mineral sample collections on maps
  • Visualise mineral classification and counting results in 3D

Mineral Classification and Counting using AI


  • ArcGIS Pro
  • Spatial Analyst extension for ArcGIS Desktop
  • Image Analyst extension for ArcGIS Desktop

Blasting Impact Analysis Web Application

Calculate the impact of blasting based on pre-defined parameters using a web application.

  • Analyse blasting impacts using a web tool
  • Calculate blasting PPV (Peak Particle Velocity)
  • Locate and count impacted buildings

Blasting impact analysis web application


Interactive Map for Mining Operation Monitoring

Monitor daily operations through an interactive map, including pit reserve volume,
ROM and disposal capacity, blasting activity and coal inventory.

  • Web application and tools for daily inventory calculations of operational activities
  • Locate the daily activities of mining operations
  • Facilitate data uploads


  • ArcGIS Desktop
  • ArcGIS Enterprise
  • ArcGIS Developer
  • Spatial Analyst extension for Desktop
  • 3D Analyst extension for Desktop
  • Production Mapping extension for Desktop
  • Product Mapping extension for Server

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