Discover new relationships between spatial and non-spatial data using enterprise knowledge graph analytics

Extend your ArcGIS deployment — ArcGIS Pro or ArcGIS Enterprise — with enterprise knowledge graph capabilities using ArcGIS Knowledge.

Learn how to identify and visualise connections in spatial, nonspatial, unstructured and structured data while collaborating and sharing your findings with stakeholders across your organisation.

In this webinar, Muhammad Azmi will demonstrate how to connect complex data from disparate sources to reveal patterns and powerful insights that would otherwise remain hidden.

Webinar recording

Why attend?

  • Watch a graph analytics demonstration using ArcGIS Knowledge
  • Experience the application of graph data analytics for solving crime
  • Learn how to combine spatial and non-spatial data to reveal patterns and hidden insights
  • Discover previously hidden connections between structured and unstructured data


Muhammad Azmi
Muhammad Azmi
Solution Specialist
Esri Indonesia
Azmi is a passionate GIS specialist with an extensive knowledge in Real-time technology, Big Data and Graph analytics. He develops GIS solutions for the sectors of national government and public safety and delivers a powerful insight to help decision making process.

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