ArcGIS Online: Essential Workflows

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What is this course about?

Get started with maps and apps.

This course introduces web maps, apps, and other authoritative content that may be available through your ArcGIS Online organizational site. You will learn how to discover, use, create, and share content that infuses projects with geographic context, additional business intelligence, and visual impact. Course concepts also apply to ArcGIS Enterprise portals.

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1 day




Foundation Course

CPD points


Esri will provide the following software to use during class:

  • ArcGIS Online
  • ArcGIS for Excel
  • ArcGIS Instant Apps

Are there any prerequisites?

  • No experience with GIS or ArcGIS Online is required.

What skills will I learn?

  • Find content on an ArcGIS Online organizational site that meets your project needs.
  • Create and configure web maps and web apps.
  • Use web maps in Microsoft Office applications.
  • Share maps and other content on your ArcGIS Online organizational site.


What can I expect?

  • 1. Using ArcGIS Online
    • ArcGIS for geographic information
    • ArcGIS Online organizations
    • The structure of an organization
    • Sharing in ArcGIS Online
    • Identifying types of content
    • Examine items in ArcGIS Online
  • 2. Working with web maps
    • Components of a web map
    • Sources of map data
    • Authoritative content for maps
    • Making a web map
    • Exercise 2A: Create a web map
    • Changing map layer appearance
    • Exercise 2B: Update the appearance of a map
  • 3. Presenting information with web apps
    • Benefits of web apps
    • Examples of web apps
    • How can you use web apps?
    • Web app creation
    • Exercise 3: Create a web app
  • 4. Sharing using ArcGIS for Excel
    • Benefits of making maps in Microsoft Office
    • Creating a map in Excel
    • Exercise 4: Make a map in Excel
  • 5. Organization member access
    • Components of member access
    • ArcGIS Online roles and privileges
    • Choosing roles to provide privileges