Building 3D Cities Using Esri CityEngine

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What is this course about?

Esri Indonesia's intermediate GIS training course for individuals who want to create 3D city models and urban landscapes. 

Esri CityEngine software uses a rule-based approach to help you efficiently produce highly realistic 3D models. This course introduces the CityEngine procedural modelling workflow and best practices to create compelling 3D cities that can be used to visualise urban landscapes, explore impacts of proposed development, generate virtual city simulations, and support geodesign projects.

This course is designed for GIS professionals, urban planners, landscape architects, architects, entertainment professionals, and others who want to create 3D city models and urban landscapes. 

Course details


13,950,000.00 IDR




3 days




Visualisation, Editing and Analysis Course

Are there any prerequisites?

Some familiarity with Esri CityEngine software will be helpful. The Creating Smart 3D City Models with Esri CityEngine training seminar is recommended for those who are new to CityEngine.

What skills will I learn?

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Create an Esri CityEngine project to organise and manage data and assets
  • Import 2D GIS data and apply Computer Generated Architecture rules to create detailed 3D shapes
  • Import, modify, and create rules to generate realistic content that brings a 3D city to life
  • Sketch and texture 3D building models
  • Share 3D city scenes to ArcGIS Online

What can I expect?

  • Course topics

    Getting started with Esri CitiEngine

    • ArcGIS Pro and Esri CitiEngine
    • Procedural modelling in Esri CitiEngine
    • What can you model in Esri CitiEngine
    • Esri CitiEngine modelling workflow

    Managing Esri CityEngine projects

    • Workspaces and projects
    • User interface and project folders
    • Explore a project

    Building the foundation of a 3D city

    • How is data represented in Esri CitiEngine?
    • Shape creation
    • Importing data
    • Evaluating data for 3D modelling
    • Create a 3D city model

    Using construction tools for urban planning and design

    • 3D shapes creation and editing
    • Create an urban planning design
    • Generating parcels and applying rules
    • Create a 3D city design

    Sharing 3D content

    • Sharing 3D content
    • Share as a web scene and project
    • Sharing content to a portal
    • Publish a scene service on ArcGIS Online

    Basic CGA shape grammar

    • Basics of rule-based modelling
    • Visualising the components of a rule
    • CGA rules, operations, and comments
    • Attributes and annotations
    • Identifying rule components

    Importing and modifying rules

    • Importing and modifying rules
    • Importing rules to texture buildings
    • Import rules to texture roofs and walls
    • Working with parameterised rules
    • Import a rule to color buildings by zone
    • Import and modify an existing rule to display buildings thematically
    • Create street light models

    Writing rules

    • Writing rules strategy
    • Working with the color operation
    • CGA and building rules
    • Create a building rule
    • Adding random variation to a city model
    • Use CGA to refine the building rule

    Detailed modeling with CGA

    • Understanding the concept of scope
    • Understanding projections and texturing
    • Use CGA to add texture to buildings
    • Using dashboards and creating reports
    • Create a smart city with reporting and dashboards

    Putting it all together

    • Model a 3D city