Regression Analysis Using ArcGIS

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What is this course about?

ArcGIS platform is a platform that can help you to process and analyse spatial data. You can easily analyse visually in determining a spatial pattern from your spatial data. To support the accuracy of your analysis, statistical analysis is needed, one of which is regression analysis.

By using ArcGIS Pro, you can combine regression analysis which can simultaneously be visualised into a map. In this training, you will also be introduced to Insights for ArcGIS which is able to do regression analysis based on web applications.

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1 day




Visualisation, Editing and Analysis Course

Are there any prerequisites?

What skills will I learn?

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Make an equation model of several types of regression in ArcGIS Pro
  • Model the regression equation in Insights for ArcGIS
  • Analyse the equation results

What can I expect?

  • Course topics

    Regression analysis

    • Definition of regression
    • Exploratory regression analysis and OLS
    • Regression results interpretation and checks

    Geographically weighted regression

    • GWR characteristics
    • When to use GWR

    Regression analysis using Insights for ArcGIS

    • Who can use Insights for ArcGIS?
    • General description of Insights for ArcGIS
    • Create regression equation model using Insights for ArcGIS  

    Displaying report of regression equation model using Story Maps

    • Configurable apps
    • Story Maps