Intelligent water management begins with GIS and goes far beyond locating pipes and facilities.

Discover how GIS enables water utilities to manage asset registries, analyse system performance, optimise work, and collaborate between teams in the office and the field.

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Integrated spatial asset management

Leverage modern asset management capabilities to optimise maintenance frameworks and maximise asset performance.

By integrating multiple data types, water utilities can deliver a comprehensive understanding across the entire asset life cycle while minimising risks, optimising existing resources and managing costs.

Integrated spatial asset management dashboard

Ideas and insights:

  • Fine-tune asset management

  • Integrate data management

  • Provide insight with performance assessment

  • Optimise asset life cycles

  • Implement industry best practices

Integrated operations management

Provide comprehensive network and asset visibility to optimise resources and increase productivity.

Enable coordination of staff and workloads to improve service delivery.

Integrated operations management dashboard

Ideas and insights:

  • Leverage location technology for better decision-making

  • Integrate with critical business systems

  • Improve workforce efficiency

  • Maintain comprehensive situational awareness

New service connection smart system

Drive a digital transformation and optimise workflows with paperless surveys and financial evaluation of new service connections.

New service connection smart system dashboard

Ideas and insights:

  • Support digital transformation and customer self-service

  • Analyse and predict new installation costs

  • Reduce operational and service delivery time

  • Visualise cost analysis on a map

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