ArcGIS Network Analyst

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What is this course about?

ArcGIS Network Analyst provides network-based spatial analysis tools for solving complex routing problems. Designed for ArcGIS users who want to plan routes for an entire fleet, calculate drive-times, locate facilities and solve other network related problems. Attendees will learn how to configure a transportation network dataset, allowing organisations to accurately represent their unique network requirements.

Course details


9,300,000.00 IDR




2 days




Visualisation, Editing and Analysis Course

Are there any prerequisites?

What skills will I learn?

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Reduce your mileage to decrease fuel cost and save time by driving less
  • Give more accurate service time window estimates and miss fewer appointments
  • You will be able to define order, driver, vehicle, and other constraints and requirements critical to how the organisation functions

What can I expect?

  • Course topics

    Fundamentals of network systems

    • What is a network?
    • Types of network systems
    • Components of a network: Physical & Logical
    • General geometry of networks
    • Understanding turns in a network system
    • Networks in ArcGIS
    • Geometric networks vs network datasets

    Network Analyst basics and the Route solver

    • Network analysis workflow, toolbar & window
    • Network layer & network analysis layer
    • Properties of network analysis layers
    • Network locations
    • Analysis properties of network analysis layers
    • Network layer vs network analysis layer
    • Route solver & options
    • Directions

    Additional network solver

    • Closest Facility solver & options
    • Service Area solver
    • Service Area polygon & line options
    • Origin-Destination (OD) Cost Matrix solver
    • OD Cost Matrix solver results
    • Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP) solver

    Advanced network analysis options

    • Network locations in the network
    • Location fields of network locations
    • Analysis properties of network locations
    • Advanced network solver options
    • Incorporating time
    • Using time windows
    • Route solver results with time windows
    • Curb approach
    • Setting a curb approach & options
    • Hierarchy
    • Reasons to use hierarchy
    • Exact route vs hierarchical route
    • Hierarchy requirements
    • Using hierarchy and with ranges

    Preparing data for network analysis

    • Workflow for using Network Analyst
    • Source data for network datasets
    • Source data's level of quality
    • Examples of data quality
    • Verifying coincident geometry
    • Creating coincident geometry: Integrate tool
    • Common attribute fields for street data
    • Migrating existing Esri network data
    • Turn Table To Turn Feature Class tool

    Network dataset connectivity

    • Network dataset, properties & connectivity
    • Modelling network dataset connectivity
    • Connectivity groups and policies
    • Multiple connectivity groups
    • Coincident geometry for line features and point features
    • Overview of connectivity policies
    • Line feature connectivity
    • Edge connectivity policies
    • Common line feature connectivity errors
    • Point feature connectivity
    • Junction connectivity policies
    • Common point feature connectivity error
    • Summary of connectivity policies
    • Methods of network dataset connectivity
    • Elevation fields
    • Intersection scenario
    • Overpass/underpass scenario

    Network attributes

    • Network dataset attributes & properties
    • Four types of network attributes
    • Cost attributes
    • Restriction attributes
    • Hierarchy attributes
    • Descriptor attributes
    • Assigning network attributes
    • Attributes and edge directionality
    • Evaluators
    • Parameterised attributes
    • Using network attributes

    Creating and building network datasets

    • Constructing a network dataset
    • Select network sources
    • Set network connectivity
    • Set turns in the network dataset
    • Turn features
    • Global turns
    • Modeling penalties for global turns
    • Set network attributes
    • Set properties for directions
    • Building a network dataset
    • Network building process
    • Types of network datasets

    Modifying network datasets

    • Editing network sources
    • Modifying turn feature classes
    • Turn Feature Class toolset
    • Editing network dataset properties
    • Rebuilding the network dataset
    • Multimodal network systems
    • Multimodal networks in the real world
    • Modeling a multimodal network
    • Connectivity in a multimodal network
    • Multimodal network analysis

    Network Analyst and geoprocessing

    • Learning objectives
    • Review of ArcGIS geoprocessing framework
    • Network Analyst Tools toolbox
    • Analysis toolset functionality
    • Review of ModelBuilder concepts
    • Network solvers in ModelBuilder