Creating and Editing Data with ArcGIS Pro

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What is this course about?

This course teaches best practices to create accurate geographic data and maintain it over time. You will get ample hands-on practice with a variety of ArcGIS Pro tools that streamline the editing process and decrease the potential for errors when updating your GIS database.

It's designed for GIS technicians, specialists, and other experienced ArcGIS users who need to create and maintain their organisation's geographic data.

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2 days




Visualisation, Editing and Analysis Course

Are there any prerequisites?

What skills will I learn?

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Apply a standard editing workflow to manage updates to geographic data
  • Configure ArcGIS Pro application and project settings to support efficient editing
  • Create, modify, and delete 2D and 3D features and attributes
  • Solve common data alignment issues and maintain spatial relationships among features when editing

What can I expect?

  • Course topics

    Introduction to editing

    • Editing in ArcGIS Pro
    • Editing tasks
    • Investigate ArcGIS Pro editing tools
    • What can you edit?
    • Creating, modifying, and deleting features

    Preparing to edit GIS data

    • Investigate coordinate systems
    • Lining up data
    • Managing attributes
    • Enable editor tracking on a feature class
    • Layer symbology for editing
    • App and project settings for editing
    • Configuring ArcGIS Pro and your project for editing

    Creating 2D features

    • Using proximity in everyday life
    • Feature creation workflow
    • Feature templates
    • Group and preset templates
    • Choosing a construction tool
    • Managing feature templates
    • Dynamic constraints
    • Snapping
    • Editing grid
    • Creating attributes

    Modifying 2D features

    • Modifying GIS data
    • Feature modification workflow
    • Modification tools
    • Modifying geometry and attributes

    Maintaining spatial integrity

    • Using map topology
    • Use map topology while editing
    • Geodatabase topology
    • Comparing map and geodatabase topology
    • Use geodatabase topology to maintain spatial integrity

    Editing annotation

    • Annotation
    • Creating annotation
    • Modifying annotation
    • Using the Attributes pane to modify annotation

    Creating and modifying 3D features

    • Points, lines, and polygons in 3D
    • Placement tools in 3D
    • Create polygon features in a 3D scene
    • Multipatch data in ArcGIS Pro
    • Creating multipatch data in ArcGIS Pro
    • Duplicating features vertically
    • Modifying 3D data in ArcGIS Pro