As a form of gratitude and appreciation to parties that have contributed and played roles in the practice of Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi in the field of education, research and community service, University of Indonesia delivered awards to several figures and institutions from certain fields at “Universitas Indonesia Awarding Night: Dari UI untuk Indonesia” on November 1, 2019, located at BNI Tower, Central Jakarta.

“This event is a manifestation of gratitude and is the highest award to parties that have helped UI make creation. The parties comprise of Mitra UI, UI Alumni, Media, and Special Work Unit Services and Community Service of UI that have contributed and participated in improving achievements and supporting UI’s Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi programs,” said UI Rector, Prof. Dr. Ir. Muhammad Anis, M. Met. in his opening speech while inaugurating UI Awarding Night, BNI Tower, Jakarta (1/11/2019).

As many as 115 awards in the Education Sector category are given, and PT Esri Indonesia is one of the companies that receive the award for its contribution and participation in certain programs that improve academic reputation of University of Indonesia in global higher education perspective. The award was directly received by Esri Indonesia's CEO.

Since 2017, Esri Indonesia has collaborated with University of Indonesia, among others by providing grant licenses of ArcGIS access for all academic community of UI and facilities in the form of license for ArcGIS platform to support teaching, learning and research activities. ArcGIS is one of software that is developed by Esri and it provides benefits for development of the science of map making in the geospatial field. Also, ArcGIS is used as a research tool in the fields of urban planning, area planning and licensing, disaster management, infrastructure development planning, and management of resources and regional potential.

This year, Esri Indonesia organized an event called GIS Month 2019 in commemoration of the annual world GIS Day celebration which falls on November 13. Various exploration activities on GIS technology are presented in a whole month, such as video competition on social media, a series of seminars and webinars on topics related to GIS in various cities in Indonesia collaborating with universities carrying the theme of Sustainable Development Week, and participating in the 11th G-Days event held by Geography Study Programme at University of Indonesia in the theme of GeoAI Week.

Esri Indonesia is the official representative of Esri which is a company that develops Geographic Information System (GIS) headquartered in Redlands, California. Currently Esri Indonesia has provided grant licenses to 30 universities in Indonesia including ITB, UI, Unibraw and private universities such as Bina Nusantara University and Prasetya Mulya.

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