Whether you realise it or not, any form of regional planning – regardless of its size – involves spatial data.

This can include information such as parcels, zoning, land use, addresses, transportation networks, and housing stock.

But without a clear view on the entirety of this data, any community can easily and quickly fall into disarray.

In this webinar, you will learn how local government is building geospatial infrastructure to realise quality development planning supported by an accurate, fast, easy, and integrated database.

By doing so, this will provide you ownership of a single source of all your data visualised on one map to support a quality spatial development policy and public information disclosure.


  • Demonstrate how location technology supports geospatial infrastructure
  • Understand how local government can leverage geospatial infrastructure to cover the systems of an entire region
  • See examples of smart city solutions implemented to solve community problems
  • Discover which Web GIS applications have helped integrate spatial data and produce information for efficient planning and development in Bogor Regency
  • Learn how a geospatial infrastructure has successfully enabled cross-agency collaboration in Bogor Regency