The Ministry of Home Affairs (Kemendagri) has received a prestigious Special Achievement in GIS (SAG) Award at the annual Esri International User Conference in San Diego, California.

The award was for their state-of-the-art population data management system.

Selected from a pool of more than 400,000 organisations worldwide, Kemendagri was presented with the award yesterday by Jack Dangermond, Founder and CEO of global mapping giant Esri.

The award recognises Kemendagri’s innovative use of Geographic Information System (GIS) technology – also known as smart mapping technology – in developing a system that visualises and analyses population data to inform government policy and decision-making.

The new system – called population data visualisation - incorporates characteristics of a population in a given area, such as the population size, age, household, income level, and other related demographic data gathered from the electronic single identity database (e-KTP) and Population Administration Information System (SIAK)

The system also allows users to perform advanced spatial analysis that allows policy makers to identify patterns, trends, risks, and opportunities that static charts and graphs don’t reveal.

“Constantly changing economic, social, and political conditions make the task of setting policies and initiatives an unending job, particularly as a wide range of issues require immediate attention. In order to accomplish these tasks, Kemendagri must have access to accurate, authoritative data on which to base their policy decisions,” Esri Indonesia CEO BimaPriadi said.

“By using advanced smart mapping technology for their population data management system, Kemendagri can better diagnose problems and challenges that need to be addressed, determine what alternatives exist to respond to these challenges, and make informed decisions from among these alternatives. In addition, the system developed by Kemendagri plays an important role in providing agencies with actionable information needed to support current and future initiatives ,” Mr Priadi said.

“Winning an SAG award is a significant achievement for Kemendagri, as it shows a global recognition of the agency’s commitment to create more impactful policies and well-tailored programmes for the public.”

The Esri International User Conference – which runs from 27 June to 1 July – is regarded as the world’s premier spatial event, attracting more than 16,000 GIS professionals from around the globe.

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