Through the power of location intelligence, local governments can find ways to improve its communities, infrastructure, safety, health, and economy – all through one platform.

The local government of South Sumatra was able to do just that, with the help of its education sector. 

In this free webinar, you’ll learn just how the region’s universities and institutions used geospatial technology to help its local government agencies develop solutions to tackle ongoing challenges.

One of those was a COVID-19 dashboard that provided a transparent and comprehensive view of the pandemic situation as it unfolds in real-time across the island. 

An online portal was also built to support investment activities in the local government sector – it identified areas with business growth potential, while also analysing and providing insights on the economy of small and medium businesses.

Because of their many contributions, a special ceremony will be held for these universities and institutions – they will be presented with Esri Indonesia’s first GIS Award for Education. 

This is in recognition of and to honour the individuals and universities that have made significant and valuable contributions to raising spatial awareness, the development and application of the science of GIS, and the growth of the broader Indonesian spatial community.

Webinar will be presented in Bahasa Indonesia.



  • Introducing ArcGIS: The GIS platform and its tools and solutions
  • Integrating spatial and investment data – its application and benefits
  • Presenting real-life cases of geospatial application in Sumatra’s local governments
  • Examining how geospatial technology can also be used in plantations, forestry, and agriculture