Distributing Data using Geodatabase Replication

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What is this course about?

Extend access to GIS data.

This course teaches best practices to plan and implement geodatabase replication to support enterprise editing workflows and data-sharing initiatives. Learn how to protect the integrity and performance of your production database as data is collected and updated to reflect real-world conditions.

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2 days




Geodata Course

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Esri will provide the following software to use during class:

  • ArcGIS Pro (Standard or Advanced)
  • ArcGIS Enterprise
  • PostgreSQL

Are there any prerequisites?

What skills will I learn?

  • Determine the number and type of replicas needed to support your organization's GIS workflows and applications.
  • Plan an efficient synchronization strategy for replicated data.
  • Publish replicated data as a hosted feature layer and share it using a web app to support field data collection and editing.

What can I expect?

  • 1. Defining geodatabase replication
    • What is replication?
    • Purpose of replication
    • Why use geodatabase replication?
    • Defining a replica pair
    • Three types of replication
  • 2. Two-way replication
    • Two-way replication
    • Data preparation requirements
    • Creating a two-way replica
    • Synchronizing a two-way replica
    • Permission basics
    • Resolving conflicts automatically while synchronizing
    • Managing replicas
    • Exercise 2: Create and use a two-way replica
  • 3. One-way replication
    • One-way replication
    • Why use one-way replication?
    • How does one-way replication work?
    • Data preparation requirements
    • Overview of archiving
    • One-way options
    • Simple vs. full feature model
    • Exercise 3A: Create a one-way replica using the full model
    • Exercise 3B: Create a one-way replica using the simple model
  • 4. Checkout/check-in replication
    • Checkout/check-in replication
    • Data preparation
    • Checkout/check-in replication use cases
    • Checkout/check-in replication workflow
    • Exercise 4: Perform checkout/check-in replication
  • 5. Managing schema changes
    • Handling schema change
    • Considerations for schema changes
    • Exercise 5: Perform schema changes in a one-way replica
  • 6. Implications of replication workflows
    • Replica logs
    • Achieving an effective compress
    • One-way archiving option
    • Exercise 6: Perform one-way replication using the archiving option
    • Manual conflict resolution
  • 7. Using replication within ArcGIS Enterprise
    • ArcGIS Enterprise
    • ArcGIS Enterprise clients
    • User-managed and ArcGIS-managed data
    • Sharing user-managed and ArcGIS-managed data
    • Exercise 7: Use ArcGIS Pro to share replicated data for mobile applications