Location Analytics Using ArcGIS Insights

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What is this course about?

Ask questions, find answers.

Build skills to quickly identify data patterns and relationships using drag-and-drop functionality, powerful analysis tools, and interactive maps, charts, and tables. This course provides a solid grounding in ArcGIS Insights capabilities and components. Learn how to structure an analysis and dynamically visualize and analyze nonspatial and spatial data together, then share your work using attractive visual themes and repeatable analysis workflow models. Course concepts apply to all ArcGIS Insights deployment options. Attendees will use Insights desktop in course exercises.

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2 days




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Esri Indonesia will provide the following software to use during class:

  • ArcGIS Insights

Are there any prerequisites?

Some familiarity with GIS concepts may be helpful. Completion of Introduction to GIS Using ArcGIS or equivalent knowledge is recommended but not required.

What skills will I learn?

  • Start an analysis project in minutes by creating an Insights workbook; connecting to data sources, including spreadsheets and relational databases; location-enabling tabular data, and visualizing data relationships on interactive maps and charts.
  • Expand an analysis by enriching a dataset with Esri demographics, adding layers from ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World, creating tables, time series graphs, data clocks, a link analysis, and more.
  • Enhance and streamline an analysis by enabling the Insights scripting environment and using a Python script to create charts, scatter plots, and histograms.
  • Share your Insights project work with stakeholders, and create step-by-step analysis models that enable others to repeat or adapt the workflows you used.

What can I expect?

  • Course topics

    Introduction to ArcGIS Insights

    • Insights workflow
    • Deployment of ArcGIS Insights
    • User types and roles
    • Explore a workbook

    Adding and displaying data

    • Components of a workbook
    • Adding data to your workbook
    • Field types
    • Default visualizations

    Creating a map in ArcGIS Insights

    • Location field type
    • Creating table relationships
    • Enabling location on a nonspatial table
    • Styling data in a map card
    • Analysis capabilities in map cards

    Creating a chart in ArcGIS Insights

    • Chart types and associated visualization types
    • Applications of various chart types
    • Modifying default visualization type
    • Selecting features in cards
    • Using dataset and card filters to create subsets

    Performing analysis in ArcGIS Insights

    • Spatial and nonspatial analysis capabilities
    • Exploring the Data Browser
    • Enriching data
    • Performing spatial analysis

    Scripting in ArcGIS Insights

    • Set up a kernel gateway
    • Connect to a kernel gateway
    • Import a Python script
    • Create an image card

    Sharing your Insights

    • Ways to share your insights in the desktop deployment
    • How to determine which component to share
    • Ways to share your insights in all deployments
    • Considerations for sharing
    • Sharing components from Insights desktop