Get Started with Insights for ArcGIS

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What is this course about?

Experience Insights for ArcGIS, a browser-based analytic workbench where you can explore spatial and non-spatial data. Answer questions you didn't know to ask. And, quickly deliver powerful results. This course prepares you to work with Insights for ArcGIS to dynamically visualise and analyse data from multiple sources on maps, charts, tables, and more. You will learn how to define a workflow to investigate a spatial problem, interactively apply analysis tools, and share your insights across the enterprise.

This course is suitable for GIS Analysts, GIS Technical Leads and GIS Managers.

Course details


4,650,000.00 IDR




1 day




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Are there any prerequisites?

  • Some familiarity with GIS concepts may be helpful
  • Completion of ArcGIS 1: Introduction to GIS or equivalent knowledge is recommended but not required

What skills will I learn?

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Connect to data sources and prepare data for analysis
  • Visualise, interact with, and analyse multiple datasets
  • Share analysis results and workflow models


What can I expect?

  • Course topics

    Insights for ArcGIS

    • Apps for everyone
    • Insights for ArcGIS
    • Examine a workbook
    • Review the components of a workbook

    Start making insights

    • Story map creation workflow
    • Identifying the purpose, audience, and content for your story map
    • Getting to know the story map apps
    • Compare story map apps

    Prepare data for use in Insights for ArcGIS

    • Sources of story map media
    • Image storage options
    • Using web maps in your stories
    • Create a Map Tour
    • Create a Map Series

    Perform analysis

    • Story map best practices
    • Critiquing a story map
    • Checking the story for issues
    • Refine your Map Tour
    • Review your story map
    • Add tags to your story map
    • Exploring story map customisations