Working with CAD in ArcGIS

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What is this course about?

Working with CAD in ArcGIS provides the knowledge on how to leverage CAD data in ArcGIS and look at common problems encountered in this area. Attendees will get to learn how to use unconverted CAD data in GIS and how does CAD data interprets into GIS feature classes.

Designed for ArcGIS users who want to know how are CAD data being utilised in the ArcGIS environment for Analysis and Geoprocessing workflows besides the basics of simply translation of data.

Course details


4,650,000.00 IDR




1 day




Visualisation, Editing and Analysis Course

Are there any prerequisites?

Completion of ArcGIS 1: Introduction to GIS and ArcGIS 2: Essential Workflows or equivalent knowledge

What skills will I learn?

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Transform, use and manage CAD data in ArcGIS
  • Understand how CAD data can be used in data management and analysis

What can I expect?

  • Course topics

    Managing CAD data in ArcGIS

    • CAD formats and versions
    • ArcGIS direct-read capabilities
    • CAD model and structure in ArcGIS 

    Using CAD data in ArcGIS

    • Modifying CAD symbology in ArcMap
    • Selecting CAD features – attributes values and spatial relationships
    • Geoprocessing with CAD data 

    Transforming CAD files

    • Link table
    • Universal world file
    • Creating projection file 

    Converting CAD files into GIS

    • Converting using geoprocessing tools
    • Displaying text data in CAD
    • Tips for converting and preparing CAD data for GIS

    Creating CAD drawings from GIS data

    • Exporting GIS feature classes
    • Understanding blocks/cells
    • Mapping specification for CAD (MSC) 

    CAD workflows and best practices

    • Repairing data in CAD
    • Create GIS feature attributes from CAD entities
    • Automate common CAD workflows
    • Edit a geometric network using CAD data